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Dr. Alethia Tucker

1 on 1 Life Coaching Session

With Dr. Alethia Tucker

Copies of her Amazon Best-Selling Books

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Win a copy of my
Amazon Best Selling Book

A copy of my 1st
Book Reinvented to Rise

Also, winners recieve a 1 on 1 Session
with Dr. Alethia Tucker

It’s so easy to find ourselves stuck in patterns and situations that we never expected. Or, to simply acquiesce to situations that feel “comfortable.”


As time goes on, it feels less and less likely that we can break out of them. Before you know it, you’re saying “Goodbye” to dreams you once had for a different life.

Dr. Alethia Tucker will work with you through this 1 on 1 session to establish new goals, overcome obstacles and develop a new found sense of purpose.


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