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A community created to empower, encourage and equip women with the tools for success in all aspects of life's journey.

Maybe you feel like:


  • You’re on autopilot, just going through the motions of life

  • You just can’t measure up to society’s view of what the “perfect mom” or “trophy wife” looks like

  • You have too much to lose by going after what you really want in life

  • You lack the support to stay motivated and continue pursuing your dreams

  • You’re overwhelmed with responsibilities and exhausted from being the “strong friend”

  • You’re struggling to find meaning in your work and wish you could pursue a career or business that aligns with your true passion

  • You have too many interests and you’re not sure how uncover your purpose


We’ve all dealt with feelings of inadequacy at one point or another.  The notion that if you aren’t PTA president, whipping up 3 hot meals a day with fresh, organic produce for the family, all while still “wow-ing” your boss on the path to that corner office promotion, you’re just not doing enough. 


Truth is: We all need to give ourselves some grace.  Holding ourselves to unreasonable standards not only threatens our physical and emotional well-being,

it’s simply not sustainable.


The key is clarity.  It’s about creating space to get quiet, listen to the longings of your soul, and take the necessary steps to live on your terms.


But, it’s easy to get discouraged when you are doing it all on your own.


So, what if you could…


  • Spend time every day intentionally focused on things that truly set your soul on fire

  • Restore your peace by incorporating regular self-care practices into your daily routine

  • Wake up feeling refreshed eagerly anticipating what new and exciting adventures the day will bring

  • Feel supported and encouraged in the pursuit of your goals

  • Build confidence to trust and follow your vision for your life without the pressure to conform to the expectations or demands of others


All while you…


Experience the bond of a true sisterhood of women to laugh, cry, and celebrate with along your journey in...




Join us now for inspiration, strategies,

and support from Alethia and Friends IN THE JOURNEY SOCIETY!


The Journey Society is a thriving community of women who uplift, inspire and encourage one another, both personally and professionally, to live their best lives.


We believe you need someone to help you see where your opportunities exist, and to spur you to take bold action to move closer to where you want to be in life.


To live a life that is aligned with your values and desires, you need support, but you also need tools, resources and proven strategies that will illuminate a clear path to creating the life you deserve.

My monthly membership will help you answer life’s most important question:


“What do you want out of life?”


And even if you are still in the process of figuring out exactly what that looks like for you, The Journey Society will be a catalyst to help you uncover your answer, then go after it with renewed passion.


When you become a part of The Journey Society, you’ll enjoy tons of benefits, exclusive perks, guided programs, expert coaching, and valuable resources to help you navigate every aspect of your life - love, career, family, and everything in between.


If you’re ready to uplift your mind, to revitalize your body, to fuel your soul, and to meet some fabulous women in the process, The Journey Society is for you!

Your The Journey Society Membership self-care package includes:

  1. A series of powerful and inspiring interviews and trainings with Alethia and her special guest experts, along with Alethia’s key insights and strategies delivered in the show recaps.

  2. Alethia’s monthly coaching lesson: Receive personal coaching tips and strategy to help you thrive through life’s ups and downs and grow on your own timetable. Interact live with Alethia and connect with the other phenomenal women in the group, share your dreams and goals, and even potentially win a copy of one of Alethia's digital books, or attendance to one of her career coaching classes! 

  3. Ongoing access to the monthly interviews/coaching sessions allowing you to revisit the lessons, as needed, and capture notes and other valuable strategies to help you stay inspired and feel supported.

  4. Recurring inspirational content from Alethia to keep you motivated and ready to tackle each day.

  5. Discounted access to any other virtual or live events offered by Jolease Enterprises.

  6. Exclusive access to the private The Journey Society Facebook group.

  7. The opportunity to network with other exceptional women on the grow.

  8. Participation in periodic member features which will allow you to market your business, product or services to the group.

It's Time to Live an

Inspired Life...

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