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50 Things I’ve Learned on My Way to 50

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One day Alethia looked up, realized that she would soon turn 50, and felt that she was nowhere near where she wanted to be in life! “Oh Lord,” she thought, “Please don’t see me as being ungrateful. Truly, I am blessed beyond words by all that You have done in my life, in the life of my family, by what You have given me, and so much more. But, why do I feel like I’ve missed things and I need to have something to show as I approach this milestone?” After weeks of turmoil, Alethia came to the realization that 50 was like her other birthdays: a blessing, not the kiss of death. She had a celebration to commemorate the milestone and created a bookmark, highlighting fifty life lessons that she had learned over her lifetime. The bookmark was a huge hit and was the topic of numerous conversations the entire evening of the celebration! To her surprise, in the days that followed she was told by friends and family that her lessons inspired them as they approached their milestones. She also noted that the bookmark gave many a good chuckle, and prompted others to encourage her to turn the lessons into a book. 50 plus years later, the book is finally complete. 50 Things I Learned on my Way to 50, displays the author’s gift for finding revelation in everyday life. Her revelations-turned-life lessons will resonate with many. From the stories that stir powerful emotions to the ones that make you laugh, one thing that’s guaranteed is that you will see aging differently after reading this book. No matter the age, the author encourages you to look for your daily life lessons and value your journey, one experience at a time.

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