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Day 1 of Self Care

Day 1 of Self Care – As we close out the month and begin the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I’m encouraging all of us to take care of ourselves. The holidays seem to be a prime time to feel under the weather. Up until the last few years, I would get sick shortly before or directly on the holiday. A sprained back, a swollen knee, the flu, shingles…ahh you name it and it would find me by Christmas morning. After year three of being sick, I realized that I was doing a pretty good job of running myself down preparing for the holidays. What lesson did I learn? 1) Spread the chores across a longer period of time. 2) Shopping at the last minute is not a good idea if you have a history of getting rundown. 3) Online shopping is the answer to prayers! 4) Start early! #selfcare #holidayhelp #takecare #50to50

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