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It’s Finally Here!

Well, it has been a long time coming; however, I am very happy to announce that I can pull this from my bucket list because it has been completed! This book started simply as a bookmark from my 50th birthday and it has evolved into book of lessons I’ve learned while living everyday life! Dedicated to Dad, it’s my first installment in living a life where I can serve others. I hope that you’ll get the book and be blessed by the little nuggets that it contains. Also, I pray that it will bring joy to your journey. To my surprise it’s already on the Barnes and Noble and Amazon websites. I will not have hard copies until early January. If you would like to wait for the signed copy please send me an email at to join the wait list…and to my Springfield folks, “I’m Expecting Great Things!” #excited #50to50 #inservice #momanddad #expectinggreatthings

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