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Monday Thought…

Monday Thought…Looking back at pictures from vacation and this one caught my attention. We ran around doing important things the entire time we were away. We ran so much that we barely had time to do the “fun things.” Much of the time the weather was stormy; however, as we approached our last day we decided that we were heading to the beach no matter the forecast. We packed up the car, pulled into the parking area and the first shower hit us. We waited a while, then got out of the car and set up the tent. The next shower hit. We all sat crouched in the tent as the rain pounded the canvas and began to creep into the tent. The shower stopped and we hurried towards the water. We played in the water and sand as Bentley tried to eat all of the salt off of his feet. We had fun! We had just enough of a good time that when another shower came our way, we felt that we could pack up and go. Before heading to the car I took this picture. It reminded me that in total chaos, amongst the clouds and in between the raindrops, you can still see the sun. Just look up. #mondayencouragement #lookup #seethesun

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