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Sweet Friendship

As women so much stands on our shoulders. Imagine being able to escape for a few hours. Imagine being somewhere where you can experience the basics…food, a warm environment, comfortable clothing, perhaps a stress free activity and an intimate conversation with a small group of women who look just like you. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to escape for a few hours with a very small group of women and it was awesome! We weren’t able to escape to the Bahamas, or to a local spa; however, we were able to sit in a warm home with good food and great conversation. During our conversation we confirmed what we all knew. No matter our age, occupation, marital status or interests, we discovered that we had far more in common than not. Just sharing brought us joy and affirmed our need to be supportive of one another. I encourage you to connect and share your journey. A small escape can make a huge difference. #encourage #support#werealotalike #50to50 #learning #selfcareismental

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