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Thought for Thursday

I’ve learned that It’s important to understand that the cross is far more valuable than the Easter Bunny. I smile every time I see these pictures. They are NOT my daughter’s favorite. I love them because I had my own Easter Bunny that year and she was incredibly cute. Easter holds so much tradition. There are Easter baskets, outfits and let’s not forget Easter dinner! Early on I tried to help my children to see that the traditions are just traditions, and that the Resurrection is the reason we celebrate Easter. I remember Kayla’s first Easter recitation. She didn’t want to say it. We had to bribe her to get her to part her lips! Knowing that a prize awaited her, she jumped onto the platform and proclaimed, “Jesus rose on Easter day, I’m glad he’s in my heart to stay!” Later that day she was rewarded with…you guessed it, chocolate. Do not judge me! A mother has to do what a mother has to do. I’m very happy to say that both kids fully understand the sacrifice and the cost of their freedom to live life as they do. They know that candy has far less value than the cross. #50to50 #thecrossisthereason #stilllearning#easter #cutiepies

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