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Thought for Thursday: Dad and Jordan

My father was one of my son’s best friends. Dad picked up Jordan everyday after school (middle school thru high school). As Dad’s health started to decline, Jordan dubbed himself Granddaddy’s bodyguard. He would follow him on walks, escort him to the restaurant bathroom, follow him to the backyard, you name it, he was there. They were funny. They got into a lot of mischief together, and battled struggles side by side. I asked Jordan about his mentors. He named his father, godfather, Clarence Hill, and of course granddad. Jordan said that his grandfather would always tell him to never give up, no matter what, and to always help those who could use a hand, like the seniors. Jordan ended our conversation with, “I want to do well because I know he’s watching me.” Dad would be very proud of his boy for making Dean’s List this quarter! The wisdom passed down from seniors in exchange for the joy received from a younger person can transform lives all around. Make a difference, transform a life. #mentoring #transform#differencemaker #stilllearning #50to50 #serve

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