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Thought for Thursday: Do You Speak Millennial?


I’ve learned that in today’s society you must be bilingual. My pastor even talked about this on Sunday. My second language is millennial. Yep…I’ve learned a little about how they think by studying them. I even know a little of their language. I have a great example. My daughter has always danced. In college she decided to join a hip hop troop. I attended her first performance, ready to give flowers and kisses at the conclusion. The music began to play and I looked like I had a tic. Each time I heard a curse word I squirmed. When I asked Kayla about the language she reminded me that she was no longer in catholic school where they censored the music. “Mom it’s an art. This is the way the artist has chosen to express himself. I can’t listen to anything that is misogynistic, but most of the time I can get past the language. My focus is on the dance.” An art form huh? I still don’t agree and her music taste has changed a bit as she has gotten older; however, at that point I was given a window into how the millennial thinks. That knowledge gives me something to work with and opens up windows of opportunity for conversation. My advice, learn a little millennial. You may not use it all the time, but it’s a language that could help to bridge major gaps.  #knowhowtoreachthem#stilllearning #50to50 #serve #makeadifference

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