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Thought for Thursday: Live Your Purpose

What do you do when your foundation cracks? How do you make it when everything that you know has changed? I was inspired by this T-shirt that I saw this morning in the gym. Although good advice, it requires some real perseverance. Walking in your purpose requires a sound foundation. So what do you do when the constants in your life turn into variables and each movement creates a crack in your foundation. Loved ones pass away-crack. Friends move away-crack. Spiritual support breaks down-crack. Job loss-crack. Project fails – crack. If you’re not careful it’s real easy to give in to your circumstances. It’s easy to get weary and it’s easy to lose your purpose. So, here is what you do…Hold onto the fact that despite having a few cracks, your foundation is still holding things up. Continue to move in the way that you’re purposed to move. Be the lawyer that everyone values, be that engineer that always guarantees a strong building. Be that minister that shows a dying world how they can make it, rock the value you bring to your children as a stay at home mom, help others find jobs. Do all the things that make you the awesome person that you are. Although your foundation may have a crack, it has not been destroyed. Stand firm and flat-footed. Watch as your foundation is strengthened, your purpose is clearer, and your level of joy reaches heights never seen before!

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