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Thought for Thursday: May 2018

jordan and tbt

I’ve learned that…It’s really not that serious. I came across this picture a few days ago. I chuckled as I thought of what was going on. We were at one of Jordan’s Tee-Ball games. I’m sure many parents can relate when I tell you these games were a serious matter in my house. On Saturday mornings we would run to the grocery store for chips and drinks, arrive at the game site, pop up the portable chairs, pull out the bug spray and shades, and then watch our kids do the craziest things with a bat and ball. Frequently I would hear somebody (usually his dad) yell, “Stop playing in the dirt Jordan.” Those comments were usually followed by pleads for Jordan to run faster or to look up for the ball. I sat along with the other moms trying to figure out how I was going to run on the field if Jordan got hurt. How could I get my baby without embarrassing him? I would also occasionally glare at the big kids as if they could hear me thinking, “you better not hit my baby!” Fun times! In this picture Jordan had just struck out. He was ok but his father was devastated. Jordan put his arm around his father and said, “It’s ok Dad, I’m having fun.” LOL!!! There are enough things happening that warrant serious attention. In the full scheme of things Tee-Ball really isn’t one of them. Let’s save that energy for something else. #dadlivingthruson #raisingbaberuth#lifelesson #awesomememories #growing #learning #Hilarious

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