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Thought for Thursday: September 2018

Wow! This is the scenery that accompanied us a few weeks ago as we drove to Frostburg. This picture really doesn’t reflect what we saw with our human panoramic vision. I immediately thought of how the mountains could be compared to the obstacles we hit in life. We all know that mountains can look steep and insurmountable. When a mountain is ahead of us we need to be ready. Preparation is key and can help to remove the stress of the climb. Don’t be overwhelmed. Continue to move towards the mountain. Don’t try to run from it. Watch where you’re going. Don’t continuously look up, you’ll run the risk of falling. There is no shame in looking for a path or a short cut. Ask for help. Look for a guide. Wear the right clothing (clothes that will keep you cool/warm, shoes with traction). Take the right equipment. Make sure you’re equipped for mountain climbing and not swimming. #Nomountaintoohigh #50t050 #learning #journeytogreater#mountainclimbing #morethanaconqueror

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