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Thought for Thursday: Vision

Doubt can resemble eye floaters. They can pop up from out of nowhere! You’re going about your day and all of a sudden your vision is rudely disturbed. No matter where you look they seem to pop up. You rub your eyes and they disappear only to reappear when you look in another direction. You look in the direction they seem to be headed and they disappear before you can get a good look at them. How annoying! You can go about your day normally, and out of nowhere something pops up seeds of doubt to cloud your vision. You don’t know where they’re going nor do you know where they came from. You do know that you want them to vanish. So what does the eye doc say? Most of the time they’re harmless and they will go away sometimes floating to the bottom of the eye. Try pushing doubt in the same direction. Shove that distraction to the bottom and out of your direct vision. Now there are times when a visit to the specialist is needed. Are you seeing bright camera flashes? Do you feel like you’re seeing a veil or a black curtain? This may indicate something more severe and a trip to the doc is encouraged. The same would apply to doubt. Is it veiling your vision? If so, further research, knowledge and prayer are a step in the right direction. #getyoureyeschecked #removetheveil #walkinfaith #50to50#eyesarechanging #nodoubt!

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